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Highlights of Cinematography Course @ ZEFT​

    Cinematography Courses in Chennai

    If you are fond of photography and storytelling, you can perhaps do a course in cinematography at the ZEFT Film School in Chennai. This will help you to acquire the requisite technical and professional skills and make you an expert in the shortest time duration possible. To join this course all you need is a passion for the above.

    Cinematography – What It Is

    Cinematography can be termed as the art of motion-picture photography. A cinematographer may also be referred to as the director of photography of a film or TV show. It may also be some live action show. The cinematographer makes all the decisions regarding the technical and artistic details that are image related. The cinematographer heads the crew that manages the camera and the lights. The cinematographer is responsible to select the camera, lenses, film stock, filters, etc., and synchronizes the scene according to the director’s imagination and expectations.

    Brief Description of the Cinematography Course – ZEFT Film School Chennai

    The main purpose of the Cinematography course is to introduce the participants of the course to the fundamental and advanced concepts of motion picture photography. The course is designed to touch upon the technical basics as well as the artistic application of these basics.

    A strong emphasis will be laid on topics related to lighting, camera, lighting equipment, diffusion, and colour gels that are used in filmmaking.

    Faculty at ZEFT Film School Chennai

    They are industry experts with many years’ experience in the film and television industry. They challenge the students to learn all aspects of cinematography, both theoretical and practical. The sessions include many hands-on sessions and guest lectures from experts.

    The students are expected to attend a number of intensive workshops that will be conducted in different aspects of cinematography. The course would be interspersed with many field visits to studios and shooting sites.

    Why cinematography at ZEFT Film School Chennai

    The ZEFT Film School in Chennai has the best-in-class amenities for teaching cinematography to its students. The curriculum is intensive and unique and requires intensive commitment in terms of time and effort from the student. It is designed to make the students expert cinematographers so that they can confidently step into the movie or TV industry or even work as freelancers. They also handle a final project which requires them to demonstrate on a ‘showreel’ all what they have learned in the cinematography course.


    • Imaging Science and its Principles
    • Art of photography & application in filmmaking
    • Different formats of Digital SLR camera –
    • Hands on Experience on Digital SLR Camera
    • Part I – Film Appreciation
    • Project on Shots & Composition

    On completion of this module, a student would understand the basics of filmmaking and appreciate cinematography as an art and as the primary form of film language.

    • Principles of motion picture and connection to imaging science
    • Different formats of video cameras – Hands-on Lessons
    • TV production for news documentaries & live shows
    • A silent picture with narrative cinematography exercise

    On completing this module, a student learns to coordinate with the director and the crew of technicians and their skills in relation to the story.

    • Different basic lighting equipment and their use
    • Digital motion picture camera – Hands-on practical exercise
    • Filters & digital filters and their use
    • Digital SLR and Digital Filmmaking
    • Various Exposure Techniques
    • Thesis presentation
    • Emphasizing light & camera movements while shooting a film

    On completion of this module, the student will be ready to use and shoot with various cinematographic cameras in filmmaking.

    • Advanced Lighting methodologies
    • Chroma Key Lighting
    • Cinematography advertisements
    • Cinematography and Special Effects
    • Digital Imaging Technology
    • Ad film & documentary project
    • Short Film project

    In ZEFT Film School Chennai, our course in Cinematography is designed in such a manner that the student will be able to handle different types of cameras to shoot a movie and function after understanding the effects of light and motion on the rendering of the story. The course is structured to suit today’s needs in the film and TV industry.

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