General Course Details

Teaching and Training Methodologies @ZEFT

ZEFT present different methodologies for teaching, we handle classes in both English and Tamil. Out of these two language students should be proficient in writing anyone. Our course material is specially designed by experts in Tamil and English. This gives the students a better understanding.

The examination will be conducted twice during the year in both Tamil and English. For the individuals who can’t write in Tamil, writing in English will be allowed.

Library card will be provided to the students to access and borrow non-reference books.

For each semester ZEFT will provide the materials and course curriculum to the students. In our library, reference books will also be available for the mentioned curriculum, students can make use of that. 

Screenplay, Writing and Direction students will have multiple classes in a day for the initial three months and afterward will pursue the other course timings. 
Classes will be held from Monday to Friday @ 9.30a.m to 5.30 p.m with a one-hour lunch break.
Saturdays are accumulated for outside exercises, workshops and film seeing as a gathering for every one of the students.

We look forward to the students to come dressed neatly to the classes. ZEFT T-shirts will be provided to the students must be worn on all exceptional and week-ends days. 

Every individual student has to bring their laptops with high configuration software to store the film content. . 


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