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    Film Direction Course in Chennai

    Script Writing

    At ZEFT Film School in Chennai, we conduct courses in scriptwriting to provide aspiring students in the field with knowledge of how to craft scripts for different media which include TV shows, ads and movies. We have designed the course to enhance creative writing and create the required skills for a candidate to find work in the media industry.

    There has been a steady rise in opportunities for those entering the scriptwriting field. In a majority of cases, screenwriters are self-employed or are freelancers. They seek the help of an agent to find writing assignments for them. Scriptwriters work mainly with directors and producers. The first best opportunity for a student that has completed screenwriting would be to work with independent filmmakers or small moviemakers.

    Basically, the course is designed for students to learn the difference between just writing and writing for cinema. We teach the students why the script of the story should be written in a specific format. We also stress the importance of why the student should understand the process of film making before they start writing a script. 

    The instructional modules in the short-term scriptwriting course include practical scriptwriting workshops and lectures. The topics covered in the course are:

    • The Film Industry
    • Talkies, Studio System
    • Writing Basics
    • Tools
    • Concept Development
    • Story Assemblage
    • Story – Building Blocks
    • Scriptwriting Techniques
    • Screenplay Outline & Treatment
    • Story-telling and Presentation Skills
    • Film Analysis
    • Creation of Characters, Characterization
    • Characterization by Dialog
    • Screenplay Structure
    • Indian Scriptwriters
    • Writing for Corporate Ads, TV, Feature Films, Short Films, Documentaries
    • Marketing
    • Networking Skills

    Participants will be engaged to write a short film, comedy, documentary, and full-length feature film screenplay scripts.

    • At the end of the short term scriptwriting course, each participant would be able to write a short film script in a professional manner in English or any vernacular language that the student prefers.
    • The completed scripts would be handed over to students that are in production and the credit of the movie will be given to the scriptwriter.
    • The scriptwriting students will work in tandem with film technology students for the script part of the production.


    This weekend course at ZEFT Film School in Chennai is an effective one for those students aspiring to enter the field of cinema as directors. The course is technically intensive and is handled by experienced and expert directors from the film industry. The course is designed to understand the nuances of the entire film direction processes including the parts played by scriptwriting, editing, cinematography, sound engineering and the role of the cinema director.

    This course at ZEFT Film School in Chennai has been designed to meet the requirements of those that work on regular employment but want to make an entry into the film industry. The students will attend rigorous workshops, attend Master Classes handled by industry experts, visit shooting sites, and make use of the Library and other facilities extensively.

    • Film Appreciation
    • Narration Types
    • Staging, Blocking and Shooting Techniques
    • Film Making – from Pre- to Post-production
    • Collaboration with Actors, Crew and Unit Members
    • Exposure to Cinematography, Editing, Sound Design, Scriptwriting, Production Management
    • Marketing

    The course is interspersed with practical exercises that require the students to make commercials, song picturization and complete a full-length feature film project.

    Why study Script writing and Direction course with us

    AT ZEFT Film School Chennai, we teach you the exact methods of how modern filmmakers make feature films. We are equipped with the latest video cameras, editing software, lights and the best lecture classrooms with all the latest equipment.

    “We include practical lessons when teaching scriptwriting and film direction to the students. The students are provided with insights into both the creative and business aspects of scriptwriting and direction. We allow the students to meet industry experts by attending shoots and organizing expert lectures on various topics.

    The full feature film project at the end of the course gives the students a fair idea as to what is required to get ahead in the scriptwriting and direction businesses within the ambit of filmmaking.

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