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    Film Editing Courses in Chennai

    Film editing is a part of the post-production process of a movie and involves the selection and combining different shots into sequences to create a motion picture. This art is unique in the art of cinema-making and serves to differentiate it from other forms of art.

    Filmmakers depend on the capability of the editor for the storytelling and digital editing effects to fine tune the films. It is important to know that editors not only work in the film industry but are in great demand in the news industry, and TV and Web series companies.

    The latest development in editing is nonlinear editing in which the entire film is digitized and stored on computer HDDs. The advanced software allows this stored information to be viewed, modified and played back from the stored system. At ZEFT we teach the students all aspects of nonlinear editing with appropriate software.

    Film editing is otherwise referred to as the invisible art because, in most of the movie outputs, the editor’s work is hardly recognized. At ZEFT Film School in Chennai, we train our students to edit the movie with the latest techniques and tools from shooting raw footage to making the final movie.

    The film editors have to work closely with the director of the movie from when the movie starts to be shot. Regular communication and discipline are required to bring the best output of the movie.

    There are hundreds of film-editing studios as well as production houses all over the country. Each of them requires editors to edit their TV projects and feature films. The students can also become freelance editors or join a production house.

    • Film and TV History
    • Screen Arts and Its Elements
    • Cinematic Storytelling
    • Narrative & non-narrative forms
    • Linear & Nonlinear Editing
    • Storytelling in film and TV
    • Film Editing – Working Knowledge
    • Screenplay & Film and Video Formats
    • Editing Software Analysis
    • Editors’ Objectives
    • Format Planning & Creative editing (Films, Documentaries, TV, Short films, YouTube channels, corporate films)
    • Editing & Aesthetics
    • Scene & Song Editing
    • Different Types of Cameras
    • Shots formats – Film & TV
    • Editing Equipment
    • Pre-Production
    • Time code & Using Interface
    • Video & Sound (Audio), Background
    • Edit Types & Scene Composition
    • Golden ratio & Rule of thirds
    • Shot division
    • Scene Visualization
    • Film & TV Edit schedules, Breakdown & Assembly
    • Editing fundamentals
    • Principles – Photorealism
    • Classic & Contemporary Editing
    • Post-Production Processes
    • Types of Editing Software
    • Editing Process: First – Final Cut
    • Scene Analysis
    • VFX, Chroma, DI, CC
    • Sound Mixing & Dubbing

    Our course in Film Editing is designed to cover all the different aspects of Video and Film Editing including nonlinear editing methods and step-by-step post-production process.

    Editing films does not mean just cutting and joining video films. The basic lessons need a tremendous amount of understanding, learning and repeated practice. Our editing lessons are in great detail and the course is intensive with enough practical and theory lessons to make all the basics clear.

    With expert faculty and the best-in-the-film-industry professionals handling the editing lessons, the students get enough and more value for the money for the film editing course at ZEFT Film School in Chennai. We also invite practising editors from the media houses to interact with the students on a regular basis as well as deliver lectures of value.

    The following career options are available to the students after finishing the course:

    • Film Editor
    • Video Editor
    • Production Artist

    If you are looking for a career in film editing, you have landed at the right place. AT ZEFT Film Institute in Chennai, we will strive to make you realize your dream.

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