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    Film Making Courses n Chennai

    ZEFT, the best film institute in Chennai, offers courses (Full time/Part-time/Weekend) in different film making subjects. These courses have been formulated with inputs from successful contemporary industry professionals. Some of the courses that we conduct at ZEFT Chennai are:

    Film-Making Courses

    This course at the ZEFT film college in Chennai combines the curricula for both Screenwriting and Film Direction. The course imparts knowledge to improve the creative, conceptual, technical and organizational skills in this field.

    Direction deals with every aspect of film making, from screenwriting to film publicity. The Direction and Screenwriting course is a combination of theory and practical classes that will make the students create movies independently on completion of the course.

    Students in Film Direction are taught independent film production and an insight into the art of makeup, costumes, and design of the film sets. They will also be taught theoretical aspects of cinema from around the world.

    Intensive script writing exercises are directed towards teaching the students to find the appropriate balance between the spoken words and unspoken feelings of the image on the screen and the contribution of the ambient sounds.

    The students will spend a considerable amount of time with actors and directors (both film and theatre) to understand how physical action and the spoken dialog in combination with the camera result in the emotions that we see in the cinema.

    Cinematography students of the ZEFT ilm institute in Chennai will be provided guidance on how to become competent in lighting effects and how to handle motion picture cameras. Students will be taught the aesthetic and technical inputs that are required in order that a story can be told photographically.

    Students of the ZEFT film college in Chennai will be taught every nuance of lighting up a shooting floor for the visual effects that are to be produced. Practical sessions on balancing lighting ratios from different viewpoints in the set are taught.

    In addition to colour management of the scenes in the professional movie environment, they are given detailed insights into manipulating images, colour grading and post-production techniques.

    Applicants for this course get trained in the basic concepts and principles as well as all the advanced aspects of film editing as it happens in the industry today.

    Students undergo rigorous training in the various editing tools that are available today. Moreover, their course is designed to include site visits, theoretical input and projects.

    The students, as part of the Editing Course curriculum, will be subject to workshops and master-classes by visiting industry experts and creative professionals in the advertisement and film industry.

    The course teaches the importance of sound in cinema. In the form of sound effects, music and dialog, any sound is as important as the image, in the story that is being told. To help students to become fully equipped, we have sound studios and the requisite technology that will help students in this direction.

    In-depth theory behind acoustics, microphone technologies, boom operations, dubbing techniques, monitoring, web design, mixing of soundtracks, processing sound for cinema and a host of other topics are taught in detail.

    Dolby Atmos mixing with 5.1 Surround sound, pre-production, production and post-production techniques are taught to the students. They are also subject to intense sound engineering workshops and projects.

    In ZEFT Film College in Chennai, selected students are trained to breathe life into the characters conceived by the storytellers in their screenplays. Fundamental classes are provided to students include the history of films, acting techniques, theories and actors’ performance histories among others.

    The classes give the students deep insights about the intentions of characters in a movie and motivations of these characters so as to enable them to make suitable role choices for themselves which result in powerful performances.

    Veteran movie actors, theatre professionals and television artistes will be invited to share their experience and knowledge with the students of the cinema acting course.

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