Importance of scriptwriting and Film making

About Film making:

Filmmaking is a big process that involves various attributes like shooting the scenes, screenwriting, editing, pre-production and so on. Let us have a short glimpse of the filmmaking process and then know more about scriptwriting.

Stages of Filmmaking:


This stage may vary from film to film but in most cases, it starts with the writing of the script which can either be derived from a book or any other resources. This process starts with a Director or a Writer pitching an idea to a Producer.


The Next Stage is pre-production which is the most essential stage of any movie, as here they will plan all the details regarding how the movie is going to work and what are the schedules.


The actual work will be started on this stage and more expert coordination is required in this process.

Post- Production:

The post-production process begins when the shoot is going on and when the footage is covered on the first day of shooting.


This stage is the final stage of the project. The movie can be distributed on various platforms once completed.

Nowadays Film industries play a vital role in the field of entertainment. ZEFT Film Institute in Chennai offers many courses such as Script Writing and  Direction course, Acting course, Digital Film Editing Course and so on. ZEFT – The Best Film Institute Chennai gives the necessary hands-on training to the students and helps them in pursuing their dream career.

About Script Writing:

In filmmaking, scriptwriting plays a major role. The role of a scriptwriter is to create dialogue, characters, and the storyline of a movie. Scriptwriting and Screenwriting are not different, yet they are still two different mediums of media writing.

Do you want to be a good Script Writer? Then you should learn the writing skills under a professional Script Writer where you can get the minute details of Script Writing and excel in it. Scriptwriting and Film making courses are offered by many Film institutes. Scriptwriting is an essential part of the cinematic world and joining the Script Writing courses helps to build your future in the Script Writer profession.

Importance of Scriptwriting

The most important task of screenwriters is to create scripts for the large and small screen movies. Scriptwriters are required to be skilled highly. They create dialogue, character, and the structure of the story.

If the scriptwriter writes the boring dialogue the entire script will suffer. The characteristics of a good scriptwriter are to write crispy dialogue only then the entire script will be delivered perfectly. After the script is ready from the scriptwriter then the further process will start.

Without the scriptwriter, the movie is not complete. The script is the most important part of filmmaking. There is no formal degree required to be a  scriptwriter. You can Join a course in the best film school at ZEFT, which helps you to improve your skills. A good scriptwriter is also an extreme observer. They strongly notice communication among people, their relationships, and the way people behave and why they do that. These researches can be taken into stories for the screen. This course at ZEFT Film School in Chennai has been planned to meet the requirements of those who work on regular employment but want to join the film business.

Step to become a scriptwriter:

  • Adopt productive writing habits. Write every day.
  • Construct a story. Direct your writing to construct characters and storylines.
  • Use the screenplay format.
  • Read books about screenwriting
  • Take a class
  • Get constructive criticism
  • Purchase successful screenplays
  • You can learn about scriptwriting
  • The continuation is must in the scriptwriting
  • Read more books to gather information about scriptwriting or
  • Watch different movies from where you can get some idea about script writing

The stories are mostly based on real-life events. If you have a screenwriting software it is easy to make the film. To gain more knowledge about scriptwriting, take up a course in the best film school. There is huge scope for scriptwriters as there is a huge demand for them. ZEFT Film Courses in Chennai provides proficient training for the art of writing scripts under the Industry writers and helps you to pursue your dreams.

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