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    Sound Engineering Courses in Chennai

    The overall appeal of a film is always heightened when the sound engineering of a film is good. This is because good quality sound effects satisfy the auditory sense of an individual. Sound engineering is a field that has seen many changes and is evolving into an area with many opportunities for people that are interested.

    The sound engineering department has further specializations such as Live Music Recording (location), Audio studio engineering, Music production and Stage Sound Engineering. AT ZEFT Film School in Chennai, we have a full-fledged modern sound studio, public address systems, live location recorders, and a number of the required accessories and plug-ins that help to produce the best sound effects for a movie.

    About the Sound Engineering Course in ZEFT Film School Chennai

    Sound engineering in a movie is a key factor that decides the appeal of the movie. We at ZEFT Film School in Chennai educate the students in the core essentials of this field. We also understand the impotence of imparting the latest technologies and this has resulted in ZEFT having the most advanced sound engineering curriculum.

    We train the students in such a manner that they pick up the essentials of creating complete soundtracks for movies that are created in our institutions in a short time. We provide training for our students in digital audio production and detail the digital tools that can be used for the purpose. We teach techniques pertaining to music recording using advanced consoles post-production sound effects of a film and operation of virtual sound mixers.

    We also touch on other topics such as studio procedures, microphone techniques, mixing strategies, stereo mixing, etc. We conduct many in-class projects that help the students to apply the principles that they learn in theory during the sessions. The course is designed to focus on music production techniques for a movie and the faculty comprises of a highly experienced movie and TV industry professionals.

    Advantages enjoyed by ZEFT Film School Chennai Students
    • Good command over professional audio tools
    • Strong analog sound base
    • Thorough knowledge of digital audio technology
    • Tracks Routing
    • Knowledge of Improvisation Techniques
    • Field trips to recording studios and radio stations
    • Guest lectures by film industry sound professionals

    Course Structure

    Sound Engineering Theory Subjects

    Physical parameters of sound and human perception of sound; Basics of sound; Change of physical sound into the sensory experience; Fundamental characteristics of sound: amplitude, frequency, wavelength, velocity, harmonic content of sound, etc.

    Principles of operation; Conversion of air into sound; Classifications of microphones; Dynamic, Condenser, Ribbon microphones; Professional application of microphones; Technical specifications of microphones; How to select a microphone for a specific application

    Basic electronic devices; Capacitors, inductors, resistors, transducers; Their functions in an electronics circuit; Maintenance of electronic gadgets; Hardware knowledge; Soldering techniques-cables, joints and connectors

    Different types of amplifiers and speakers; Specifications and uses of speakers and amplifiers; Basic theory of sound reinforcement; Active, passive speakers – meaning and uses; Crossover filter frequencies; Digital Delay Line and its use; Dynamic range of sound; Decibels; Calculations for placing speakers and calibration for sound reinforcement (live recording/performances)

    Dynamic, time-based, frequency effects of sound waves; enhancement of digital and analog sound waves; Use of Equalizers, compressors, reverbs, noise reduction systems, delay units, etc.; Hands-on practical sessions

    Acoustic design and treatment; Room acoustics; Isolation of sound; Symmetry in the control room; Balancing frequencies; Absorption of sound; Reverberation and reflection of sound; Different aspects and calculations- room measurement, physical acoustic analysis, treatment, assessing of equipment; Specification sheets; Tools and instruments; Studio management; Studio operations

    Audio technology and its digital aspect; Sampling & Quantization; Protocols: AES/EBU, ADAT, TDIF, S/PDIF; Connectivity; Synchronization; Digital recording media; Recording formats; Correction of errors; Handling digital equipment; Digital consoles; PCs and connectivity to external devices (USB, Firewire); Scope of Internet Audio; Audio compression standards & codecs

    Concept of stereo signals; Surround sound; Dolby Digital; DTS, SDDS; Compression standards & codecs; Speaker placement; Calibration of speakers;

    Practical Sessions

    Advanced topics in Sound Engineering include signal flow, signal routing principles in Analog and digital consoles; Connections of Analog consoles to digital workstations; Digital mixers; Digital Audio Workstations; Multi-track recording; sequencing; software plug-in integration; Miking techniques; MIDI sequencing; Audio post-production techniques

    Final project

    Students will be required to complete a project in real-world settings – record a band/artist; mix a song to create a portfolio. Sound engineers are not required only in sound studios. They need to be present during the film shoots, radio stations, stage performances and production houses.

    Why ZEFT Film School Chennai for Sound Engineering

    At the ZEFT Film School in Chennai, we have a fully equipped state-of-the-art studio and the most modern accessories to teach the finer aspects of sound engineering that make a movie a success. The teaching methodology is fine-tuned to help the students to become creative professionals in the subject. We have staff members that are very talented and have many years of experience in the field.

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