Three Stages of Film Making

Film Making or Film Production is the process of making a film and it is the form of visual storytelling. Movie making involves multiple stages starting from storytelling, screenwriting, shooting, editing, sound recording, and finally screening the product once before exhibiting it to the audience. 

There are 3 stages involved in the filmmaking process, they are,

  1. Preproduction
  2. Production
  3. Postproduction


This is the first phase of the filmmaking process where the planning and preparation for the film take place. The sub-stages in the pre-production stage are dependent on the budget and size of the movie.

In this stage, the idea of the film got documented and the big production studios will begin to hire key members like directors, crew, main artists, and other casts. Choosing the shooting location is also the main part involved in this phase. The small media company will be allowed to meet clients, make storyboards, prepare flowchart on the idea, decide the location, etc are done in the pre-production stage. Listed below are some of the steps that are followed in pre-production they are,

  • Set construction
  • Scripting & Storyboard
  • Search locations
  • Script finalizing
  • Read through actors and cast
  • Prepare Wardrobe and Props


Production is the second stage of the filmmaking process. This is the phase where the actual shooting starts. Here, Director and cinematographer start to make scenes with crew members, actors, and other members. Cinematographers use a proper set of lights for lighting effects. Rehearsals for the film are shooted in the production stage. 

When all things are good enough then the actual shoot begins. The movie director starts to review the storyboard, providing directions to the assistant director, crew members, and others who are assigned to work in the movie. The production phase also includes the song, music, audio recording, etc. Sometimes the script may be required to change in the production process according to the creative shots. And a lot of expert coordination is needed in this stage. Join Film Making Courses in Chennai at ZEFT to gain more knowledge in film making.


Editing is the most significant part of filmmaking and this is done in the post-production stage. Many tasks happen in this editing such as,

  • Editing songs, sound effects, music, etc.
  • Editing graphics, video footage
  • Reshooting scenes if any changes required
  • Adding VFX
  • Exporting film’s master copy

The above three stages are the main phases of a filmmaking process. Enhance your filmmaking skills by enrolling yourself in the Best Film Institute in Chennai and get a better career in the filmmaking industry.

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