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Highlights of Film Acting Course @ ZEFT​

    Weekend Acting Course in Chennai

    Using this program we at ZEFT Film School Chennai give the college-going students and working men/women an opportunity to hone their acting skills in basic as well as the advanced modules. The Part-time/Weekend options are designed so that they can carry on their regular personal schedules without a break. This also gives a chance to those that have well-established careers and to learn to act has always been a dream.

    Class Schedule
    • Saturdays
    • Sundays
    Admission Criteria

    There are no pre-set qualification criteria for those who want to enrol for the part-time/weekend acting course. There would be no audition conducted to enroll for the course.

    Modules Covered

    We allow the student to engage in varied genres of acting including comedy and drama in different styles. We teach classical as well as contemporary acting. We give the students chances to act live on stage as well as in front of the camera.

    Dancing classes are held to help the students find opportunities in music videos, stages and commercials. These classes also help the student to learn to control their body movements. We train the students in different dance forms such as Indian style dancing, Hip-Hop, Jazz and Bollywood styles as well.

    We let the students earn by breaking down each scene and observing how it fits into the scheme of the movie. They also make a study as to why a specific character is present on the screen. This is a very essential part of actor training.

    For performance to appear credible, actors must be in a position to involve their entire bodies. This module teaches the essentials such as gestures, posture and expressions.

    This module is designed to teach the student the importance of voice and improve vocal habits and voice modulation. Breathing exercises when performed regularly helps to improve the quality of voice which eventually results in better articulations. We concentrate on improving actors’ clarity of speech which goes a long way in improving performance.

    The audition and screen test is the final test of an actor’s capability. The training is designed to emulate real-life audition conditions with similar time-frames for preparation and performance.

    Before the completion of the course, the student is required to present all the skills that he/she has learned as presented as a feature. This gives a chance to understand the student’s capabilities and guide them accordingly.

    On successful completion of the course, the students are given a certificate from ZEFT Film School.

    Why ZEFT Film School

    The ZEFT Film School Chennai incorporates comprehensive acting techniques and methodologies that empower aspiring students to become good actors, all in the name of entertainment. The part-time /weekend training course is an exhilarating and engaging experience for the student. This course helps the student to take the first steps towards becoming a successful actor and the high quality of the course makes ZEFT Film School the best film institute in Chennai.

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