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    Weekend Film Editing Courses in Chennai

    The editor of a TV show or film is the person who imparts the right tempo, pitch and rhythm to the story after it has been shot. AT ZEFT, we teach the right lessons on editing a film in theory and practice under the supervision of professional and expert editors.

    Today, film editing plays an important part in contributing to the creative aspect of the final form of the motion picture. To become a good editor, it requires the aspirant to undergo rigorous technical training as well as aesthetic preparation.

    The weekend course for Film Editing at ZEFT Film School in Chennai focuses both on the practical side as well as the aesthetical aspects of TV and film editing. We have also developed an industry-specific editing course that fulfils the need. The hands-on experience that we provide makes the student into a skilled film editing professional at the end of the course.

    Our studio is state-of-the-art and we are equipped to train our students according to the latest international editing practices. The course is designed with many hours of practical lessons that help them to achieve the level of expertise required to become a film industry professional.

    After completion of the course, the students will be able to work as freelance movie editors or as assistant editors in the TV or film industry. We train the students to be able to edit short films, corporate ads, TV serials, web series, YouTube videos and documentary and full-length feature films.

    The candidates wanting to apply for the Film Editing (Weekend Course) should have completed the senior secondary or equivalent course.



    The candidates wanting to apply for the Film Editing (Weekend Course) should have completed the senior seco

    • Nonlinear editing software – Introduction
    • Buttons, Shortcuts, Effects, Filters
    • File Formats – Videos
    • File Formats – Audio
    • Codecs & Transcoding
    • Ingestion to NLE
    • Management of Media
    • Basic Cuts
    • Transitions
    • Applying Filters
    • Film Language Grammar
    • Physical Continuity
    • Scene Building
    • Sequence Building
    • Creation of Montages
    • Narrative Structure
    • Rhythm & Narrative Flow
    • Dramatic Emphasis
    • Suspense & Surprise
    • Colour Correction
    • Audio Track and their Layering
    • Final Deliverables & Exports
    • Workflow in different formats
    • Understanding Different Techniques of Editing

    Good film editing can make a bad picture look good. At ZEFT Film School in Chennai, we aim to enhance the student’s storytelling skills on film. Training in digitization, codecs, trimming, track laying and other aspects prepare our students for a great future in this field.

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